Doorbell to Arduino ‘Interface’

Hi Everybody
In my first Instructable I want to show you how to build an cheap and easy Doorbell to Arduino ‘Interface’ so you can let your Arduinoproject get triggered through it or simply use your Arduino as a bell.

Almost endless possibilities 😀

Doorbell to Arduino

Step 1: What you need…

Here’s what you’ll need, its not that much…^^

First of all you need the ‘heart’ of the interface, the relay.
-My Doorbell has 12V DC so I used a FTR F1CA012V which is a ‘Double Pole Single Throw’-relay but you can use ‘Normally-open’ or ‘Change-over’-relays as well.

You also need:

1x 100k Ohm Resistor

1x small 3 port luster terminal

some bell wire

about 20cm control wire cable

shrink tubes to isolate the contacts and protect the ‘Interface’

soldering tools

Thats it!

Step 2: Lets build…

Ok, lets Build the Interface.

– solder the bell wire to the relay coil connections and isolate the contacts with shrink tube

– solder one single control wire (red) to the relay common terminal and isolate the contact with shrink tube

– prepare an other control wire (black), take the resistor and solder it to one end

– solder a third control wire (yellow) and the black wire with the pull up resistor to the relay ‘normally-open’ terminal, take some shrink tube and isolate the contact all over the resistor
Doorbell to Arduino
– cut off a ~10-14cm long piece from the control wire cable isolation, pull your 3 control wires through it and insert them into the luster terminal

– at last do a big piece shrink tube and shrink in the whole relay with the cables to protect them from getting broken


For more detail: Doorbell to Arduino ‘Interface’

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