Simple, easy and cheap wireless presenter

Step 1: Components

In order to build this low cost wireless presenter you will need:

  • An infrared remote control (any common TV control should work)
  • An Arduino Pro Micro or a Leonardo (both based on the ATmega32u4 microcontroller)
  • An infrared receiver (I used the really cheap VS1838B)
  • A perfboard or a breadboard
  • Female pin headers (optional)

Simple, easy and cheap wireless presenter

An ATmega32u4 based Arduino is crucial for this tutorial, since the said microcontroller can emulate a keyboard or a mouse very easily, through the use of the standard Mouse & Keyboard libraries. We will use it, to make our computer think that we are pressing specific keyboard buttons, therefore controlling the presentation from a distance.

Step 2: Create the hardware

The circuit is as easy as it can get. You just have to connect the SIGNAL pin to any digital pin on the Arduino, the GND to ground and the VCC to 5V. You can either do this on a breadboard or even on a perfboard, if you like things more stable. I used a perfboard along with some female pin headers, so I will not have to permanently solder the Pro Micro or the IR receiver on the circuit board.


For more detail: Simple, easy and cheap wireless presenter

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