Pixie Chroma mini Arduino LED matrix displays from $45

Arduino enthusiasts interested in creating a changeable RGB LED matrix might be interested in the new Pixie Chroma displays created specifically for the Arduino platform by the engineers and develop and team over at Lixie Labs. Features of the Pixie Chroma displays include Quad Mode and Shortcodes enabling you to quickly create scrolling messages in your preferred colors for a wide variety of different applications.

Pixie Chroma is a project that we here at Lixie Labs are incredibly passionate about! In this third iteration, we have finally created the best RGB text display we’ve ever used. While we loved our original Pixie models, we felt that you couldn’t get the same level of creativity that you can get with Pixie Chroma. With its ability to be dropped into any breadboard and coded with any experience level, these displays have a wide range of potential uses, meaning anybody in the maker community can find a use for them! Pixie Chroma is our gift to you.”

Pixie Chroma Arduino LED matrix display

“Quad mode is made specifically for those wishing to drive their displays faster. By optionally sending the data in four parallel streams with Quad Mode, you can expect to see a ~3.75x increase in speed! For example, if you had 12 Pixie Chromas, you can wire four GPIO of your microcontroller to the 1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th Pixie. Each GPIO is now only responsible for the data of three Pixie Chromas compared to only one GPIO feeding all 12. With this, you can run animations, scrolling, and color palettes more smoothly or free up processor time.”

Our next big feature is Shortcodes, a super simple way to show icons beyond the alphanumeric ASCII set and easily create animations! We have an extensive library of 230+ built-in icons that are accessible by name within other strings. See the example above. Whether you want global currency symbols, weather states, schematic symbols, diacritics (àãåâä), or various mathematical typography such as pi, we probably have you covered. And, if we don’t, you can make your own with the magical Shortcode Editor.”

For more details on the Pixie Chroma Arduino LED matrix displays jump over to the official project page on the Crowd Supply website by following the link below.

Source: Pixie Chroma mini Arduino LED matrix displays from $45

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