Open Source Camera Quadcopter

Open Source Camera Quadcopter

Introduction When our team was initially assigned the task of transforming this project from a cinematography quadcopter to a more practical sensor quadcopter, we made the decision to redesign the frame. This decision was not taken lightly, but it was concluded that one of the reasons the drone had been unable to fly thus far …

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Catchin' time using Arduino

Catchin’ time using Arduino

This tutorial will show you how to build an interactive toy for children. This toy wants to give a boost to children to move and play with friends at home or in a park, instead of watching TV and playing videogames. Catchin’ time is a project developed during our thesis in Ecodesign at the Polytechnic …

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Sleep n' Tweet

Sleep n’ Tweet

Step 1: The Sleep n’ Tweet Now I am lucky enough to work at the greatest company in the world as a University of Waterloo, co-op student. It might not even be a company you’ve heard of yet. They’re named Upverter and we are trying to change the way people design, build, share and collaborate …

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Password access with arduino

Password access with arduino

~~ The complete kit for this tutorial is now for sale at www.razvantech.comΒ  Β Get one! ~~ This instructable will show you how to make a pass-code lock system using the Arduino Mega board. Whenyou type the right code, an LED lights up an the servo moves to open a lock. What you will need: —>one …

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Overview: The solar tracking device is designed to ensure that a flat panel with a solar cell is constantly aligned with the movement of the sun across the sky. It utilizes two light dependent resistors (LDRs) positioned on opposite sides of a fin to measure the light levels. By comparing the readings from the LDRs, …



AlarmingTweet Using Arduino

This project will add tweeting capabilities to the GE 45142 Choice-Alert Wireless Control Center Alarm system. The alarm system allows you to connect up to 16 different sensors across 4 zones and with the addition of the Arduino powered Alarming Tweet you can enable it to keep you informed of it’s status anytime anywhere. Originally …

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