Multichannel Wireless Light Dimmer

Save Energy Beautifully !!

By using a light dimmer in one’s living room, it’s possible to completely alter the mood and ambience of a room at the drop of a hat.

Multichannel Wireless Light Dimmer

The Internet of Things is set to disrupt the way we live and work. Smart homes filled with connected products are loaded with possibilities to make our lives easier, more convenient, and more comfortable.

With Wi-Fi connectivity present in the dimming controller, the above benefits get reflected in this module. However, this actually carries with it a host of less obvious but equally favorable benefits such as reduced energy consumption and improved longevity – longer the bulbs are dimmed, lesser the energy they use and longer they last.

This project aims to

● Control the intensity of the dimmable lighting appliances via a trailing edge dimmer.

● Provide the user , ability to control lightsindependently and wirelessly over the Wi-Fi network and the Internet!

Step 1: Specifications

  • 2 channel dimmer module for indoor lighting applications (# channels can be easily expanded as per need)
  • Can be easily setup in Trailing Edge/Leading Edge configuration with some small variations in the software,hardware remains the same!!
  • Rating: 200 W/channel
  • No minimum load on any channel (True 3 wire dimmer!!)
  • Wireless control via Wifi (Uses the popular NodeMCU module)
  • Web Interface for controlling dimmer settings
  • Can be controlled from any device with browser support (Chrome, Firefox)
  • Supports OTA(Over the air programming) for software updates

Nice..,isn’t it you too can make one for yourselves!!,I have spent a few months understanding and making this dimmer module.

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You will find all the source files,step by step instructions and things I experienced while making this project compiled in this instructable.

I hope you would learn a lot and enjoy as you proceed further!!

Step 2: Understanding Light Dimmers

There are two main categories of traditional AC dimmers (also known as ‘phase-cut’ dimmers)

  • Leading Edge Dimmers
  • Trailing Edge Dimmers

These vary the brightness of the lighting appliance by varying the rms voltage applied to the load.

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