Melexis motor driver has on chip EEPROM

MLX83203 General Description

The MLX83203 pre-driver is designed to drive high-current N-type FET 3-phase motor control applications.

A combination of bootstrap and charge pump enables driving 6 NFETs, with gate charges up to 400nC/NFET with a minimum of device self-heating.
The IC reset level below 4.5V allows for low-voltage operation.

Each of the 6 external FETs can be controlled directly via the 6 digital inputs. Alternatively the 6 external FETs can be controlled via 3 digital inputs by applying an internal dead time.

The built-in EEPROM allows extensive configurability of the pre-driver without the need for external resistors and SPI interface programming. This reduces the package pin count to only 32.

All output voltages are monitored for failure conditions. The microcontroller is informed of the failure condition via a fast serial interface.

The device comprises a current shunt amplifier, with a high gain bandwidth (GBW), offering a fast settling time with low noise. This makes the pre-drivers ideal for precise torque control applications like e.g. electrical power steering and brake by wire.

For applications requiring lower current, see also the pin compatible MLX83202 pre-driver. For DC applications the MLX83100 pre-driver can be used.
For sensorless BLDC applications see also our integrated BLDC controllers MLX80251 and MLX81200, MLX81205, …

MLX83203 Features and Benefits

  • Optional charge pump for low supply voltage operation
  • Alternative charge pump configuration provides NFET reverse polarity drive
  • Compatible with 3V and 5V microcontrollers
  • Converts 6 (or 3) PWM inputs from a micro-controller to drive 6 external N-FETs
  • High side NFET driver with bootstraps and trickle charge pump for 100% PWM operation
  • Low offset, low drift, fast current sense amplifier
  • Fault interrupt & feedback to microcontroller
  • Under & overvoltage protection
  • Overtemperature protection
  • VDS & VGS external FET monitoring
  • Very small footprint: QFN32 5x5mm (25mm2)
  • Extensive configurability in EEPROM
  • – Programmable dead time: 0 to 6us
  • – Programmable gain: 8 to 48
  • – Hardware protection settings (auto-shutdown)
  • – Diagnostics settings (VDS level, masking time, …)
  • – Charge pump configuration
  • Automotive qualified:
  • -Wide supply voltage operating range: [4.5, 28]V
  • -45V load dump
  • -2000Hrs HTOL 150C
  • -Sleep mode with low quiescent current (<30uA)

Melexis motor driver has on chip EEPROM

Three phase brush-less DC (BLDC) motor applications are the design targets for a pre-driver IC from Melexis which uses EEPROM memory and combined bootstrap and charge pump blocks.

The MLX83203 pre-driver is designed for small size and is offered in a standard, QFN32 5×5 package.

The IC drives six 250nC NFETS up to 25kHz, while keeping 10V gate voltage down to 7V battery voltage.

For fail safe torque control applications, the pre-driver features diagnostics and a low noise amplifier. Rather than configuring the pre-driver by applying external resistors, 6 bytes of on-chip EEPROM offer configuration options while minimising pin count.

The operating voltage range from 4.5V to 28V, plus bootstrap topology complemented with a charge pump stage, allows the power stage to be operated via standard level NFETs without loss of performance during stop/start conditions, as well as enabling control even during engine cranking.

The charge pump can be configured for applying a high side NFET reverse polarity protection.

In sleep mode the IC consumes less than 30µA standby current.  A 10MHz gain bandwidth product (GBW) delivers shunt amplifier settling times of less than 1µs for fast current feedback.

Its gain can be programmed in a wide range from 8 up to 48, and the input range can be configured from fully symmetric to full scale.

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