Make an Arduino-Controlled Robot by Michael Margolis E-Book

Building robots that sense and interact with their environment used to be tricky. Now, Arduino makes it easy. With this book and an Arduino microcontroller and software creation environment, you’ll learn how to build and program a robot that can roam around, sense its environment, and perform a wide variety of tasks. All you to get started with the fun projects is a little programming experience and a keen interest in electronics.

Make a robot that obeys your every command—or runs on its own.

Maybe you’re a teacher who wants to show students how to build devices that can move, sense, respond, and interact with the physical world. Or perhaps you’re a hobbyist looking for a robot companion to make your world a little more futuristic. With Make an Arduino Controlled Robot, you’ll learn how to build and customize smart robots on wheels.

You will:

  • Explore robotics concepts like movement, obstacle detection, sensors, and remote control
  • Use Arduino to build two- and four-wheeled robots
  • Put your robot in motion with motor shields, servos, and DC motors
  • Work with distance sensors, infrared reflectance sensors, and remote control receivers
  • Understand how to program your robot to take on all kinds of real-world physical challenges

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1 Introduction to Robot Building

Chapter 2 Building the Electronics

Chapter 3 Building the Two-Wheeled Mobile Platform

Chapter 4 Building the Four-Wheeled Mobile Platform

Chapter 5 Tutorial: Getting Started with Arduino

Chapter 6 Testing the Robot’s Basic Functions

Chapter 7 Controlling Speed and Direction

Chapter 8 Tutorial: Introduction to Sensors

Chapter 9 Modifying the Robot to React to Edges and Lines

Chapter 10 Autonomous Movement

Chapter 11 Remote Control

Appendix Enhancing Your Robot

Appendix Using Other Hardware with Your Robot

Appendix Debugging Your Robot

Appendix Power Sources

Appendix Programming Constructs

Appendix Arduino Pin and Timer Usage

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Make an Arduino-Controlled Robot by Michael Margolis E-Book

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