LED – Mega Clock

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LED - Mega Clock

Step 1: Bill of Material (All you will need)

For the Housing

  • Three 300x300mm x 3mm thickness Acrylic glass (black)
  • One 300x300mm x 3mm thickness Acrylic glass (trasparent)
  • Acrylic glass adhesive and polish
  • Twenty 15mm spacers M3 thread
  • Twenty M3 screws + washers
  • One 300×300 picture frame

For the Electronic

  • 480 3mm LEDs (color of your choice)
  • Sixty 120 Ω resistors
  • One 4-Digit 7-Segment Display common anode
  • Eight 74HC595 Shift Registers
  • Eight BD139 NPN Transistors
  • One Arduino ATMEGA 2560 Board
  • One TLC5940
  • 1m RGB-LED-Strip
  • One LM317 voltage regulator
  • One 0.1μF capacitor
  • One 1μF capacitor
  • One 1 kΩ resistor
  • One 330 Ω resistor
  • One 2.5 mm DC Jack
  • Ribbon Cable
  • Header Strips
  • One I2C RTC DS1307 AT24C32 Real Time Clock Module For Arduino Mega2560
  • Lot of Copper Wire and tin solder
  • Eight 750 Ohm Resistors
  • Four circuit strip boards
  • One 12V 1A Powersupply or one 11,1 1000-2000mAh Lipo rechargeable battery

Step 2: Building the housing (Part1)

  1. Cut and drill the 3mm acrylic plates as shown in the sketch
  2. Glue front housing plate (black plate), bonding part (transparent plate) and LEDs slice plate (black plate) together

For more detail: LED – Mega Clock

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