Infrared Fighting Tank

This project is to make two infrared fighting tanks with Starter Robot Kits, some mechanical parts and electric modules. They are controlled with 2.4G wireless joystick. So, how to make it?

Step 1: Parts Required

2 x Starter Robot Kit(Bluetooth or IR version)

4 x Beam0808-136-Blue

2 x Beam0808-024-Blue

2 x Beam0824-032-Blue

2 x Beam0808-312-Blue

2 x Me USB Host

2 x Me RJ25 Adapter

2 x LED RGB Strip-Addressable, Sealed(0.5M)

2 x Me RGB LED

2 x Me Infrared Receiver Decode

2 x Me 7-Segment Serial Display

2 x LED – Infrared

2 x Resistor – 330 Ω

2 x Dupont Wire Male to Male Cable Line

2 x RJ25 to Dupont Wire

8 x 6P6C RJ25 cable-20cm

4 x Socket Cap Screw M4x22-Button Head

18 x Socket Cap Screw M4x14-Button

12 x Nut 4mm

2 x 2.4G Wireless Joystick

Step 2: Assemble the Tank

Follow the instructions of Starter Robot Kit user manual to assemble the tank.

Assemble the tank gun with following parts:

Beam0808-136-Blue x 2

Beam0824-032-Blue x 1

Beam0808-024-Blue x 1

Socket Cap Screw M4x22-Button Head x 2

Socket Cap Screw M4x14-Button Head x 4

Nut 4mm x 2

Attach Beam0808-312 at the end of tank and install electronic modules.

Step 3: Soldering and Wiring

Solder a infrared transmitter with infrared LED, 330 Ω resistor and dupont wires. Wrap it with electric tape. Connect anode and cathode of infrared LED with black cable and red cable of dupont wire, respectively.

Connect electric modules with Orion board via RJ25 cables as follows:

Infrared transmitter: Port 2

Me RGB LED: Port 3

Me 7-Segment Serial Display: Port 4

Me Infrared Receiver Decode: Port 5

Me USB Host: Port 6

Me RJ25 Adapter: Port 7

LED RGB Strip: Me RJ25 Adapter Slot 2

Fix infrared transmitter with tape.

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