How to use ESP8266 ESP-01 as a SENSOR web client

I’m not going to explain in detail what is ESP8266 because if you have found this post I’m sure you already know it. But just in case, it is an awesome cheap board (less than 4$) with built-in wifi communication (802.11 b/g/n), and SPI, UART. You can also use its processor to run your code.


How to use ESP8266 ESP-01 as a SENSOR web client

Use FTDI with 3V3 output. If you face problems with this running on Windows check this link: Unbrick FTDI 232R

Burning LuaFirmware

Download Coolterm (putty like app but much cooler)
Check that your ESP8266 has some firmware through coolterm
Enter with coolterm at 115200 (most probable default speed)
Once in, type AT+GMR, my firmware was based on 00160901

Congrats, you’ve got a working ESP8266 with a espressif firmware in it. If you want to play with this firmware check this out:

Now to burn LUA firmware:
To Burn a firmware: CH_PD pin must be always connected to HIGH and GPIO0 pin to GROUND (LOW)

Download ESP8266 flasher:
Download LUA Firmware:
Execute ESP8266_flasher.exe and burn the bin inside LUA Firmware

After burning it,  GPIO0 pin should be disconnected from ground in order to reboot in normal mode. Otherwise it will be reboot in UPLOAD mode. So power it OFF, disconnect GPIO0 pin  from ground… and voilà! you’ve got a ESP8266 with LUA Firmware


Now with a burned LUA Firmware, we should reconfigure CoolTerm at 9600bps to be able to communicate with the board.
Connect and type this basic code to check the wifi connectivity:

Congrats, now each time you power it on back again, it will remember last wifi connection wifi setup.


For more detail: How to use ESP8266 ESP-01 as a SENSOR web client

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