Home Automation Using Arduino With Wifi, Bluetooth and IR Remote Control

This is a tutorial to show how to build a home automation system using arduino with Wifi [ESP8266-01], bluetooth (HC-05) and IR remote control. Home automation results in a smarter home and is used to provide a higher and healthier standard of living. The beauty of a home automation system is that it is highly scalable, flexible and its capabilities are limited only by our imagination.

Step 1: Overview of the Home Automation System

This systems consists of 3 custom built arduino uno boards, two of which are connected to each other via I2C bus, one of which acts as a “master sender” and the other a “slave reciever”. Home automation system can be controlled using Internet, which is achieved by using ESP8266-01 and blynk libraries. It also allows us to control the system by giving voice commands using HC-05 bluetooth module and AMR voice app.

I have explained interfacing each of the components to the microcontroller.

Materials needed:

* 3x arduino uno or Atmega328 / Atmega328p



*TSOP IR receiver

*IR remote.

*nokia 5110 display

* RTC (DS1307) real time clock

To build your own 5V Power supply from 230v / 110v ac-

*12-0-12 1A step down transformer

*Bridge rectifier / 4x diodes(1N4001)

*1000uF, 25v capacitor

*DC-DC stepdown buck convertor

*LM1117 or LM317 to get 3.3V power supply for ESP8266-01


*PIR (passive infrared)

*DHT11(Temperature and humidity)

* other materials such as breadboard, strippers, wires, jumpers, glue, sticky tapes etc..

Step 2: Circuit Diagram

The main control center of system are the three ATmega328p microcontroller. This part of the system manages the controllers and gets the commands from the user. It also sends temperature and humidity measurement to the mobile application. ATmega328p also gets sensor data and processes them to perform useful functions. The microcontroller also switches the relays to turn on/off the electrical devices when required. It displays the date and time using the RTC and the LCD display device.


The micro controllers need 5V DC power supply, this is obtained from 230V AC supply.

* A 12-0-12, 1A STEP DOWN transformer converts 230v AC to 12V AC.

*12V AC is converted to unregulated DC by passing it through a BRIDGE RECTIFIER and A 1000uF capacitor.

*12V DC (unregulated) is applied at the inputs of a DC-DC step down BUCK CONVERTER.The buck converter is adjusted to get output voltage of 5V DC.

* Buck converters are highly efficient over linear regulators(LM7805).

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