Hackabot Nano: Compact Plug and Play Arduino Robot

What? Why?  Hackabot Nano is a very compact many-in-one plug-and-play Arduino Robot. The goal is to help everyone build a feature-rich robot without all the messy wiring. You simply connect the motors, plug in the sensors and controller and you may start programming. We even provide sample programs to help you get started.  In addition, a free Android app will be developed once we hit our stretch goal of $10000. With the app, even kids can navigate the robot with a smart phone or tablet.  Not into robotics?

Hackabot Nano

You can use this as a platform to build your Arduino based IoT (Internet of Things) devices as well.      WiFi connected garage door sensor?     Bluetooth music player?     Hacked RC car?      Internet connected fish tank?     IoT Sprinkler controller?     Solar powered weather station?     Arduino Walkie Talkie?

A little bit of history

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  • Very compact: about 12cm x 12cm x 5.5cm (4.7in x 4.7in x 2.2 in)
  • Controller: Arduino Nano compatible. Program with standard IDE.
  • Connectivity: Radio Frequency (2.4GHz), WiFi, Bluetooth, Raspberry Pi
  • Robot Chassis: Fabric Shield (the main PCB) is designed to mount up to 4 motors directly
  • Sensors: GPS, Gyroscope + Accelerometer, Ultrasonic Distance Sensor.
  • Motor driver: capable of driving up to 4 DC or servo motors.
  • DC Motors: two versions  (A) high speed (B) high torque
  • Power: input voltage: 5-12V; dual on-board voltage regulators to deliver 5V and 3.3V.
  • Expansion: Audio jack; Screw terminals to connect 4 PWM (pulse width modulation) signals and power source; header pins to analog inputs (like sharp IR sensors)
  • I2C headers: to connect other I2C devices (like magnetometer)

It is the main PCB that connects everything in the kit. There are many holes on the edges for you to mount the motors and sensors. You may also mount it to other chassis using standard screws and standoffs.

Note: Final design may vary from this picture slightly. For example, color, component placement, pinout and etc. may change.

Speedy Hackabot Nano: This is a 2-wheel-drive version of the robot. The motors run up to 150rpm. Flat and smooth surface is ideal for this robot. For example, you may turn it into a maze robot or even line following robot if you add proper sensors.

Fully Loaded Hackabot Nano: This has all the features listed in the “Key Features” section. You may choose either high speed or high torque motors. With the latter, the robot will be able to travel uneven surfaces. However, it will not run as fast.

You may turn it into many different robots. For example, you may control it over the internet. You may ask it to go to a specific location based on GPS readings. With Radio Frequency (RF) module, each robot is able to communicate up to 5 other robots. You may create a robot team to solve problems as a group. Isn’t it fun?


For more detail: Hackabot Nano: Compact Plug and Play Arduino Robot

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