GPS Clock Assembly, Part III

Pinoco was hit with the holiday rush, so it took a few extra weeks to get my new batch of laser cut acrylic. I nailed it this time. Right away I could tell the engraving was perfect.

GPS Clock Assembly, Part III

I even spaced out the holes for the speaker just a hair. The holes on the last one were so close together, that they weren’t separated by more than a hair of plastic.

The arrows came out great too. I contemplated spray painting them with some white paint like I did on the enclosure for my 7490 clock, but I figured it was good enough.

Time for the moment of true. I peeled off the protective paper to check it out. It looks great!

The etching on the arrows has enough contrast from the shiny black to make them nice and visible. Filling them with white paint would have been overkill. Besides, being the 2nd spin on this, I didn’t want to take my chances ruining it!

I still had some code tweaking to do, but I really wanted to button this up. The mounted the 6=pin FTDI header vertically. That makes it impossible to screw the back on and retain access to the programming header. In order to get around this, I unsoldered the old header and replaced it with a right angle one. The pins don’t; even stick out past the enclosure. So I can load software in the future without having to take the whole thing apart.

For More Details: GPS Clock Assembly, Part III

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