Friwo LED drivers will light up your LEDs as much as you just want

LT series LED drivers with 10-100W power represent a complete solution with wide possibilities of control. Exceptionally narrow and slim design, remained even at high-power versions, provides a high flexibility of use.

Power supplies for LED lighting (so called drivers) are available from many producers, in a various qualitative level. Why to decide just for theΒ LTΒ series from German company Friwo? Here are few reasons:

Friwo LED drivers will light up your LEDs as much as you just want

β€’ precise design, safe operation and a long lifetime
β€’ voltage and current regulation in one device
β€’ high efficiency and a possibility of dimming in a range of 0-100% directly via a CTRL pin
β€’ modules are available in 10-100W power, with a possibility of customization by laser directly at production
β€’ also available a module for dimming – so called DIMMbox, further expanding possibilities of control (switch, 1-10V, DALI) and with a possibility of synchronization with up to 1000 slave units
β€’ very small cross section of modules (21x30mm, resp. 24x30mm at LT100) – applicable even in very tiny conditions
Wide control possibilities of LT series modules are perhaps the most interesting. Modules contain a galvanically isolated CTRL input, by which it is possible to switch on/ off the module without disconnecting from 230V mains. CTRL pin also serves for regulation of an output current. For this purpose, only one resistor (or a potentiometer) is necessary – connected between SEC+ and CTRL pins, with a value counted by a simple formula in the datasheet. The output current can also be controlled by an external voltage in the range of 0-1,8V connected to SEC- and CTRL, as well as by means of a PWM TTL (0/5V).


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