DIY plastic gear cutting machine

Makers, engineers and hobbyists who would like to automatically manufacture a variety of different size plastic gears you might be interested in a unique machine built using a little Arduino hardware, taking the form of the plastic gear cutting machine. Powered by an Arduino Nano microcontroller the gear cutter has been created by YouTuber Mr Innovative and allows you to build your very own affordable gear cutting machine to help build those mechanical projects more easily. Check out the demonstration video below to learn more about the Arduino Project.

“Hello friends in this video I have build a Automatic thread cutting machine. in this machine I have used 2 nema 17 stepper motor and on 775 DC motor one stepper motor to turn job and one stepper motor to move blade forward and reverse.”

“This might be able to handle very soft metals, but it is really meant for cutting nylon and other plastics. Users can set the diameter and the number of teeth, which together dictate the pitch. However, they can not change the tooth cut profile without swapping out the blade. They set the parameters on a Nextion LCD touchscreen and then the machine takes care of the rest. It rotates the gear by the calculated pitch, then moves the gear into the circular cutting blade according to the set diameter.”

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