DIY Arduino robot created using Delta 3D printer with Delta X

If you fancy building your very own robot you may be interested in a new project tutorial that allows you to create an Arduino based delta robot with Delta 3D printer. The modular kit has been created by Doan Hong Trung and is based on a Arduino Mega and a RAMPS 1.4 board. Check out the videos below to learn more about the first open source Delta robot kit which will soon be launching via Kickstarter.

“If you’ve ever seen a delta 3D printer work, you’ve certainly been amazed at the careful coordination of three motors to accurate position a carriage. While impressive in this role, delta robots can be used for much more, from laser engraving, to pick-and-place operations, to automated phone testing, or even playing the piano.”

For more information on the modular robotic kit to transform the 3D printer into an Arduino robot jump over to the official Delta X website by following the link below to register your interest using your email.

Source: DIY Arduino robot created using Delta 3D printer with Delta X

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