DeepDeck programmable, open source, ESP32 macropad

A new project will soon be launching via the Crowd Supply website in the form of the fully programmable, open source, ESP32 macropad, aptly named DeepDeck. The wireless programmable macropad features 16 mechanical buttons in a 4×4 grid together with two RGB rotary encoders, hot swappable keys and more.

Connecting to a wide variety of different platforms using Bluetooth, DeepDeck supports Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS and more enabling you to “improve your productivity by programming keys, macros, and shortcuts” say it is creators. Available in two different versions in both a DIY kit and completely built, you can easily map DeepDeck’s keys and knobs to your favorite shortcuts in any IDE SUCH AS VS Code, the Arduino IDE, or Eclipse depending on your preference.

Programmable macropad

  • 4 x 4 (16 total) interchangeable, hot-swappable mechanical keys
  • Two rotary encoders with push buttons
  • RGB LEDs on each key
  • RGB LEDs on encoders for additional feedback
  • Programmable RGB interactions
  • Expansion ports to integrate other sensors (like a gesture sensor)
  • 64 x 128 OLED screen
  • Integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth (via ESP32)
  • Battery powered
  • On-screen menu for basic set up
  • Complete web-based interface for full customization of keys, macros, etc.
  • Can use APIs to connect to a wide variety of online services

“DeepDeck configuration is easy! You don’t need to install any software. Just activate Configuration Mode and connect to an access point, much like you would when configuring a router. You don’t even need a computer; you can do it from your smartphone.”

“Do you dabble in graphic design? Map different views, layers, and shortcuts in KiCad, Illustrator, Solid Works, etc. The knobs allow changes with any fluid-motion tool in a that is cleaner than using your mouse or a standard keyboard. Do you use Reaper, Adobe Premier, or some other tool for audio/video editing? Improve your workflow with DeepDeck by mapping its knobs to different controls for a clean, fluid experience. “

“Finally, if you want to improve productivity, you can set up a pomodoro timer on DeepDeck, track the time you are spending on certain tasks using tools like Clockify and toggl, or use Notion in tandem with DeepDeck to see and complete your tasks.”

Source: DeepDeck programmable, open source, ESP32 macropad

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