Convert Your Mini Maglite to LED

Description: Mini Maglite LED Conversion Kit
Assembly Time: 2 hours
Skill Level: Intermediate
Designer: Waltx
Flashlights are always useful especially if you like to camp like me. Out in the woods, when you are away from your iPhone flashlight, a Mini Maglite comes in real handy. Now, what if you hate its yellow color and carrying extra batteries? What if you want a white color for your flashlight and a longer battery life? Sound exciting? Let’s make one.
Required Tools:
Mini Maglite Flashlight
Fine Tip Soldering Iron
Solder Paste or Liquid Flux
PCB Holder
Magnifying Glass
Tapered Reamer or #12 (4.8mm) Drill Bit and Drill Motor
Purchase the Mini Maglite LED Conversion Kit.

Convert Your Mini Maglite to LED

Building the Kit

My experience building the kit will help guide you as you build the kit. Though this kit may look small and quick to finish, it requires SMT soldering skills and quite a bit of patience to build it.
If you have not done surface mount soldering before, don’t jump into building this kit. Practice surface mount soldering first, then try this kit. It took me a bit longer to solder as I didn’t use all the proper equipment for SMT soldering.
To get started, dismantle the head of the Mini Maglite and pull off the bulb by applying some force as it might be stiffly mounted.

Your Mini Maglite should look like the image on the right.


Make sure you have all the parts of the kit with you as well as additional tools.

Once you have all the parts with you, figure out the capacitance of C1 and C2 using a multimeter. When distinguishing parts, keep in mind the resistor, inductor and IC are very distinct. Figuring out the terminals of the diode could be challenging though. You could either use the multimeter to determine the terminals of the diode or simply use a magnifying glass – just find the faint silver line on the diode, which should be the cathode, or the negative terminal.


For more detail: Convert Your Mini Maglite to LED

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