Convert Your Mini Maglite to LED

Description: Mini Maglite LED Conversion Kit Assembly Time: 2 hours Skill Level: Intermediate Designer: Waltx Flashlights are always useful especially if you like to camp like me. Out in the woods, when you are away from your iPhone flashlight, a Mini Maglite comes in real handy. Now, what if you hate its yellow color and carrying extra batteries? What if you want a white color for your flashlight and a lon ...

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Maglite Joule thief

The Joule thief is a really fascinating circuit, simple yet very intricate. Basically, it’s a step-up converted in its most elementary expression. I will spare you the theory since there is plenty of information on it on the web; is a good place to start. Joule thieves in all sorts of forms have been featured countless time on DIY websites and I felt it was time I build one. However, I did no ...

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