Choosing the Right Arduino Board

There are so many different makes and models of Arduino boards that it can be confusing to select the one you need for your project. All of these boards have different features and capabilities and some of them will be better suited for certain projects than others. Below, we will look at how to find and select the right Arduino board.

What Is Arduino?

Arduino is a board that is used to create small computers that can interact with other hardware or even the environment. They can use sensors to sense environmental conditions and control things like lights, motors, and even automatic watering systems. Since this platform is so flexible, the uses of Arduino boards are practically innumerable.

Arduino is an open-source platform which is what makes it so powerful and flexible. Anyone can use the platform to create different and exciting projects.

Selecting the Right Board

Since Arduino boards are so common, you can find them on lots of different e-commerce websites. Some of them sell them new, while some of them sell them used, and the good thing is that with simple checkout systems on most websites and fast shipping, you can have the boards shipped to you in a few days.

If you are a beginner, it is a good idea to start with some boards that have been tested and proven to be beginner-friendly. Some of them include the Arduino Uni, Arduino Mini, and the Arduino Mega. These three models have a lot of support online so you should get help online any time you need it.

These three boards have subtle differences including the number of pins, their sizes, and how much they cost. The Arduino Mini is the smallest of the three but it has the same functionalities as the Arduino Uno. Since it is a much simpler board, it is the best option for beginners.

For Bigger Projects

The Arduino Mega is perfect for projects that have a lot of wires and require more than 20 pins. Some of the projects you can use this board for include LED cube lights or an automatic watering system.

The Arduino Mega has pins that you can connect to other communication devices. These are 4 pairs of Rx and Tx pins.

Arduino Lilypad is a special type of Arduino board that can be sewn into clothing. This board is made specifically in a way that it can be sewn onto clothing easily. Users who want to use this board will be happy to learn that there are lots of components and sensors for this board they can buy online. Instead of wires, this board uses a special kind of conductive thread. It is perfect for projects like LED lifejackets.

Arduino boards are so flexible that have so many applications. If you are doing smaller projects, go with a Mini or Uno board. These are perfect because they are also relatively cheap. The Uno board is the recommended board for beginners. If your project needs a lot of pins or connections to serial devices, choose the Mega.

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