Bakerboard: The Educational Breadboard with More

An all-in-one breadboard with Oscilloscope, Spectral Display, Function Generator, and Power Supply.

We are excited to bring a low-cost audio range electronics development board to classrooms, labs, small businesses, and techno-geeks everywhere.  This idea has been bouncing around in our family for many years and now the technology has caught up to make it a reality at a price that schools and individuals can afford.  We have paired a traditional prototype board (or breadboard) with an electronics suite so that the experimenter does not have to purchase the expensive electronics test equipment needed during development.  It is everything we wish we had when we were learning about circuits on a breadboard.   Our board is big on features but small enough to pack with you to school, work, or your local makerspace.

Bakerboard The Educational Breadboard with More

Key Features:

  • 32 KHz Function Generator with seven waveforms 
  • Offset, amplitude, and frequency control. 
  • Audio range dual channel auto-triggered oscilloscope, 25 KHz, seven ranges. 
  • Spectral Display with spectrogram and waterfall mode for imaging audio signals at seven sampling rates.
  • Full color backlit 320 x 240 pixel TFT display. 
  • Switches, potentiometers, and LEDs for projects. 
  • Three power supplies at -12V, +5V, +12V. 
  • Large surface breadboard for building complex circuits.
  • Textbook/manual with solved problems and labs

There are many examples of electronics trainers on the market. All share two things in common: they are expensive, and do not offer a built-in oscilloscope and other test equipment. Oscilloscopes are invaluable tools for performing electronics work, and most are just too expensive for the hobbyist/student to purchase.  The Spectral Display is a useful and unique feature as well.  Our analog trainer offers all of the above features, including a function generator with a white noise source and power supply,and will retail for around $250 (less if the volumes are high enough). We are also authoring a ~50 page textbook, with solved problems and labs, in a convenient PDF format that will be freely available to all backers within a few months of the Kickstarter campaign ending. No experience is required to begin learning electronics! The manual is written in an easy-to-understand format, and is perfect for high-school and college coursework, as well as for the home hobbyist. It has never been so easy to get into electronics.


For more detail: Bakerboard: The Educational Breadboard with More

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