Arduino Uno Menu Template

While working on a new Instructable (coming soon) I had decided to use an Arduino Uno with an LCD/button shield I purchased off of AliExpress. It’s a knockoff of the DFRobot Shield. I knew that I needed a menu for my project but was becoming so disillusioned with the terrible menu template programs available for the Arduino Uno. Many of which were not designed to work with this shield. I decided to make my own.

Arduino Uno Menu Template

Since I put a significant amount of work into making this menu template so easily modifiable I figured I would share it.

Step 1: Parts

Parts are relatively simple. All you’ll need is an Arduino Uno and a LCD Keypad Shield. I purchased mine from AliExpress for a total of $6.75.

Step 2: Modifying the Program

The program attached is written with the basic Arduino libraries of Wire.h and LiquidCrystal.h so there should be nothing else for you to download besides this program.

One of the things you’ll have to modify is the array of menu item names on line 27 and the programming content for each sub menu. I’ve started with 10 possible menu items in the program. If you want 10 or fewer just modify line 27 to create your main menu structure.

String menuItems[] = {"ITEM 1", "ITEM 2", "ITEM 3", "ITEM 4", "ITEM 5", "ITEM 6"};

For example, you could do fewer items:

String menuItems[] = {"DISTANCE", "TIME", "REPEAT", "DIRECTION", "START", "ABOUT"};

Or you can add more (up to 10 of course):


Beyond 10 items you will have to add additional “cases” to the “switch/case” section starting on line 167. You will also have to add additional menuItemX[] (where X is 11, 12, 13, etc.) void functions at the bottom of the program.

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After you have created the menu structure you want it’s time to create the content for each one of those sub menus. The first menuItem void function starts on line 275. I put in some default code to print “Sub Menu X” for each menu item as well as a code to wait for a back button to be pressed. Below as an example of what you could do in the sub menu. This is the sub menu I’m using to modify and store the “savedDistance” variable. The up and down buttons are used to select the distance and when back is pressed it dumps back to the main menu.

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