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first of all, i am sorry if i have grammar mistakes, i am asian and i am 13 years old, i study arduino by my self (mostly my self) and this is my first project and also my first instructables. this is the robot that i used to compete with my friends in soccer robot. i did some modifications when i used it but it is broken now, so what i show you here is just a smartphone control robot. i will upload the improved, actual soccer robot soon. Thank you to Phan Hoang Anh- my tutor, he helped me alot with the code

Step 1: Materials

here is what you’re going to need

-Arduino uno r3

-hc-05 (bluetooth module)

-l298n motor control module

-2 motor

-android phone( i don’t know how to control with ios) or a laptop with Bluestacks

-small bread board


– 3.7v ultra fire batteries x 2

– battery holder ( yes, i don’t know what it is called)

-robot platform(picture 6)

Step 2: Hard-ware

arduino pin 6->in1 or a (of l298n module)

arduino pin 7->in2 or b (of l298n module)

arduino pin 8->in3 or c (of l298n module)

arduino pin 9->in4 or d (of l298n module)

l298n pin +5-> arduino pin 5v ->

l298n pin gnd-> power source (-)-> arduino power plug(-) (arduino power plug is the first picture )

l298n pin vcc->power source (+) ->arduino power plug(+)

arduino pin gnd -> hc-05 gnd

arduino pin tx-> hc-05 rxd

arduino pin rx-> hc-05 txd

(note: i am very sorry for the bad image that i made in ‘paint’, the circuit simulator does not have an icon for l298n motor driver)

Step 3: Software

here is the code, you can just copy and paste it into the arduino software

(note: when you upload the code, plug of tx and the rx of the arduino, if you don’t, it will not work, i know why but it is very hard to explain it in english)

this is the app inventor code:

go to gallery in app inventor 2 and search for ‘robot project’ with this robot’s picture

Step 4: Finishing Step

put every thing on a platform, put on the motor and the wheels like this and you’re ready

Source: Arduino Robot

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