Arduino Nano Weather Shield project

There are plenty of Arduino weather station tutorials available to follow but one published by Kutluhan Aktar not only displays whether information and activate RGB colour patterns but it also includes built-in BMP280 and photo-resistor custom designed by Aktar. If you have never built your own PCB the tutorial provides a great introduction into what you need to do as well as links to PCB manufacturers who offer small production runs.

The tutorial for the Arduino Nano weather shield has been published to the Seeed Project Hub and has been classed as an expert level project which should take approximately two hours to complete.

“Even though it is my first attempt at designing a PCB board and layout, I wanted to share with you my project step-by-step and will continue to post my further electronics projects including PCB designing or any possible improvements to this project here. In this particular project, I contemplated a shield for Arduino Nano, which can gather weather-related information by a built-in BMP280 Temperature and Pressure Sensor, a photoresistor, and a vibration sensor. All components presented in this project and PCBA service are sponsored by SeeedStudio, except for optional components – Arduino Nano and 20 x 4 LCD Screen.”

Source: Arduino Nano Weather Shield project

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