Arduino Internet Controlled Desk Lamp

Step 1: What You’ll need

A linux web-server with PHP, an arduino, a relay and some other components.

Step 2: Upload your code to the arduino

Upload the following code to your arduino:

void setup(){

void loop()
if (Serial.available() > 0) {

char inByte =;
if(inByte == ‘1’){
else if(inByte == ‘0’){

Arduino Internet Controlled Desk Lamp

Step 3: The circuit

Connect everything as shown in the image.
Connect the base of the transistor to the pin used in the code I used pin 13Connect your light bulb in series with switching contacts of the relay.And connect your arduino to your server.

Step 4: The webpage

php_serial.class.php = Serial libraryexample.php = The code
make sure you put the path of your arduino on the following line:
$serial->deviceSet(“/dev/ttyUSB0”);Upload this two files to your server in the same directory.Arduino Internet Controlled Desk Lamp circuit

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