Arduino Controlled Servo Robot (SERB) using arduino

What better way to start experimenting with open source micro-controllers ( Arduino ) then by building your very own open source robot ( CC (SA -BY) )?

What to do with your SERB?

    • (here) – How to connect your SERB to the internet and drive it over a Skype video call.
    • (here) – How to Control Your SERB Using a Wii nunchuck’s accelerometers
    • (here) – How to Add Obstacle Detecting Whiskers to Your Robot
    • (here) – How to make 30 kits (Open Manufacturing)

Arduino Controlled Servo Robot (SERB)

    • Fully programmable using an Arduino Duemilanove micro-controller (or another micro-controller of your choosing).
    • No need to solder.
    • Choice of cutting options for acrylic pieces. (scroll saw, access to a laser cutter, purchasing pre-cut pieces)
    • Easily expandable and modifiable with extra bolt holes and included breadboard.
    • Dual ball bearing rear wheel.
    • Up and running in 1-2 hours. (from kit)
    • Open source design (build as many as you like)

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Note: Source files are available on a parallel Instructable (Source Files For) – How to Make an Arduino Controlled Servo Robot – (SERB)

Step 1: Parts & Tools

All bolts can be found at your local Home Depot. The other parts can be found online (I have included a link to my favorite source for each).

Parts List:

A bundle containing all hardware items can be purchased at’s store ( here ) ($120)

Nuts and Bolts:

    • 3mm x 15mm bolt (x20)
    • 3mm x 10mm bolt (x12)
    • 3mm nut (x34)
    • 3mm washer (x12)
    • 8mm x 25mm bolt (x2)
    • 8mm nut (x2)
    • Skate Bearings (x2) ( VXB ) (these are standard skate bearings so they can be salvaged from a pair of roller-blades or a skateboard)


    • Large O-ring (4.5″ ID 3/16″ Bead Dash #349) (x2) ( McMaster-Carr Product #9452K407 )
    • Small O-ring (3/4″ ID 3/16″ Bead Dash #314) (x1) ( McMaster-Carr Product #9452K387 )



    • AA Battery (x4) (not included in kit)
    • 9v Battery (x1) (not included in kit)

(all wire is 22 AWG solid I purchase mine through McMaster-Carr )

    • 15 cm Purple (x2)
    • 15 cm Black (x1)
    • 5 cm Black (x2)
    • 5 cm Red (x2)


  • Screwdriver (x1) (Philips)
  • Needle-nose Pliers (x1)

Step 2: Cutting Pieces

Please chose which steps to follow based on the cutting option you have chosen.

Option 1 (Purchasing Pre-cut Parts)

    • Purchase a pre-cut chassis from’s store ( here ) ($60 including shipping to the USA and Canada)

Option 2 (Digital Manufacturing (ie. Ponoko ) / Access to a Laser Cutter)

    • Download the laser cutter layout ( “03 SERB Ponoko Cutting Layout P2.eps” or “03-(SERB)-Ponoko Cutting Layout (P2).cdr” )
    • Cut the files using Ponoko or on your own Laser Cutter (using 3mm, .118″ acrylic (sometimes sold as .125″)

Arduino Controlled Servo Robot (SERB)
Option 3 (Scroll saw and Drill)

  • Download and print the PDF pattern (please choose the file corresponding to your paper size) 03-(SERB)-ScrollSaw Pattern (letter).pdf 03-(SERB)-ScrollSaw Pattern (A4).pdf(it is important to not scale the drawing while printing)
  • Measure the ruler on the printout against a ruler you trust, if they do not match the pattern has been scaled and you need to look at your printer settings before reprinting. If they do match up, onwards.
  • Glue the pattern to the acrylic sheet (3mm, .118″ (sometimes sold as .125″).
  • Drill holes.
  • Cutout pieces using a scroll saw



For more detail: Arduino Controlled Servo Robot (SERB)

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