IR Remote Controlled Home Appliances using Arduino

In present times there are many types of Home Automation Systems which are available in the market. Most of these are simple Home Appliances Controlling Systems like DTMF controlled Home Appliances, GSM based Home Appliances Controlling, RF based Home Appliances Controlling. Here we are going to discuss about TV or DVD Remote Control LED Home / Office Appliances Control (Home Automation System) using Arduino Board.

IR Remote Controlled Home Appliances using Arduino

In this project, TSOP (IR Receiver) is connected with Arduino. Arduino receives encoded signal coming from IR Remote and then decodes by using IRremote.h library, which is easily available on internet (Find this library by typing on Google IR remote library for Arduino). After decoding the signal, compare decoded signal with defined value, if the match occurs then perform related function or switching on/off related relay by using digital input/output. Here AC load is used for demonstration. Three Home/Office Appliances are used for demonstration. In which one zero watt bulb indicated by light 1 and second is 100 watt bulb indicated by light 2 and third and last is TV/LCD indicated by TV.  LCD is also added in this system for displaying the current status of Appliances like TV ON, TV OFF, light 1 ON, light 1 OFF, light 2 ON, light 2 OFF, ALL ON, ALL OFF etc.

Circuit Description

IR Remote Controlled Home Appliances using Arduino Schemetic

Circuit of this system is very simple in this TSOP 1738 connected to digital pin 9 of Arduino, which detects 38 KHz IR frequency and relays are connected to digital pin 10, 11, 12 of Arduino for controlling light 1, light 2, TV respectively using ULN 2003 IC. ULN2003 IC is a high-voltage high-current Darlington transistor arrays. Each consists of seven NPN Darlington pairs that feature high-voltage outputs with common-cathode clamp diodes for switching inductive loads and 5 volt relays are used here, which are best suitable for these types of Projects. Light 1 is connected with relay 1, light 2 is connected with relay 2 and TV is connected with relay 3.


For more detail: IR Remote Controlled Home Appliances using Arduino

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