Arduino compatible WiFi Shield with multiple functions

Introducing the Sweet Pea WiFi Shield

Have you ever wanted to include WiFi functionality into your Arduino system but been scared away by the shear cost and complexity of it. Not to mention that you normally want to have a few other things in there such as maybe an SD card to be able to give those web pages some flare, a real time clock maybe and what about some non volatile SRAM memory to store all that real time sensor data that you have to take good care of.

Arduino compatible WiFi Shield with multiple functions

We have designed the Sweet Pea WiFi shield to help you with all that. The Sweet Pea WiFi Shield hold the latest WiFi technology from Texas Instruments giving you the absolute best WiFi value for money that you can get for an embedded system today. And by using that innovative WiFi technology from Texas Instrument we were left with an awful lot of free board space, so we figured that we would put all the things that you normally need in there as well.


And what about software you might wonder ? For this type of product software is absolutely vital, and we have created a very simple to use but still amazingly powerful Arduino library that plugs right into the Arduino IDE. Simple and well documented examples show you exactly how to build you own WiFi enabled applications.

The library support two levels of programmers. The base level is targeted to the seasoned programmer that knows how to work with sockets and is familiar with network programming. This level gives you the maximum flexibility when creating your applications.

The second level, the user level, is for people that is just starting to get to know Arduino, maybe even just getting in to programming. Or people that just want to get their projects flying quickly. If you select to enter this level of writing your applications you will only use very few functions to do your network communication. The library will do the rest for you.

We have even included simple to use interfaces for posting data online to services like You can check out our live temperature feed here from one of our prototypes.

The library have been flying for quite some time with a number of beta testers and we have listened hard to what they have had to say to make things easier for you. It is pretty much ready for release and will be fully available by the time your boards arrive

Configuration and compatibility

The Sweet Pea WiFi shield is compatible with all Arduino CPU boards and configuration jumpers on the shield lets you change the pin configuration that will allow the shield to operate together with many other shields.

We have tested the Sweet Pea WiFi shield on all currently available Arduino CPU boards without any problems. The software support for the Arduino Due is however not fully tested as of today.

We have also tested the board on Seeedstudio CPU boards without problems.


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