BITalino (r)evolution

BITalino is designed for anyone interested in building self-tracking applications based on information from your body.

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BITalino (r)evolution

BITalino Introduction (2:46) | What’s New (1:05) | Meet the Team (0:34)


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BITalino is a low-cost, purpose-built, all-in-one hardware and software toolkit designed for quick and easy creation of cool projects with body signals, development of quantified self wearable devices or apps, and/or learning how to build medical devices. Comparative professional-grade tools for this purpose can easily cost in excess of $10,000; our vision is to make them available for anyone, and harness the power and creative thinking of the open-source movement to boost innovation in biosignal-based applications in unprecedented ways.

Out-of-the-box, BITalino provides a set of versatile, Arduino-compatible software and hardware blocks with sensors for Electrocardiography (ECG)Electromyography (EMG)Electrodermal Activity (EDA), Accelerometry (ACC), and Ambient Light (LUX), including Bluetooth Low Energy wireless communication to a software toolkit to see the signals in real time or replay offline. What’s next? Ever since we launched, our dream has been to make BITalino more affordable, more capable, and packed with much-sought features our amazing community has been asking for. Your pledge will help us trigger a true BITalino (r)evolution!


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