6 Volt 5 Watt solar charge controller


The project use a custom printed circuit board for the charge controller power management electronics, and requires an external Arduino pro mini to run the control firmware.

6 Volt 5 Watt solar charge controller

The power management board design has the following features:

  • PV input transient and reverse polarity protection
  • Sensing for PV input voltage, converter output current, load current, and battery voltage.
  • PV Back feed protection using a dedicated MOSFET.
  • PTC and reverse polarity protection on the battery connector.
  • 3 sets of 3 pin connectors for loads.
  • 4 pin sense connector for current and voltage sensing to the Arduino
  • 6 pin control connector for control signals from the Arduino
  • Dedicated MOSFET for load switching.
  • Switched and unswitched load configuration using solder jumpers.
  • Double sided circuit board 5cm X 5cm


The firmware is hosted as a separate project on my github pages. See fw-6volt-5W-solar-cc. For more details on the firmware features, please visit the firmware page.


For more detail: 6 Volt 5 Watt solar charge controller

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