Say hello to the 1.14″ 240×135 Color TFT Display w/ MicroSD Card Breakout. It’s the size of your thumbnail, with glorious 240×135 high res pixel colour. This very very small display is only 1.14″ diagonal, packed with RGB pixels, for making very small high-density displays.

It’s so small only 1.14″ diagonal but has a high density of 260 PPI, 240×135 pixel display with full-angle viewing. It looks a lot like the 0.96″ 160×80 display but has 2.5x as many pixels. We’ve seen displays of this calibre used in smartwatches and small electronic devices but they’ve always been MIPI interface. Finally, here is one that is SPI and has a friendly display driver, so it works with any and all microcontrollers or microcomputers!

This lovely little display breakout is the best way to add a small, colourful and very bright display to any project. Since the display uses 4-wire SPI to communicate and has its own pixel-addressable frame buffer, it can be used with every kind of microcontroller. Even a very small one with low memory and few pins available! The 1.14″ display has 240×135 16-bit full-colour pixels and is an IPS display, so the colour looks great up to 80 degrees off-axis in any direction. The TFT driver (ST7789) is very similar to the popular ST7735, and the Arduino library supports it well.

The breakout has the TFT display soldered on (it uses a delicate flex-circuit connector) as well as an ultra-low-dropout 3.3V regulator and a 3/5V level shifter so you can use it with 3.3V or 5V power and logic. They also had a little space so they placed a microSD card holder so you can easily load full-colour bitmaps from a FAT16/FAT32 formatted microSD card.

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