An S/PDIF Sound Card Using PCM2906

When S/PDIF became available in the Teensy Audio Library I thought this might be the solution to ground loop problems I’d been having when interfacing projects to my PC. However, I quickly realized I didn’t have any sound cards with an S/PDIF interface. In the belief that I’d rather build than buy I decided to update one of my previous projects, a PCM2904 based sound card, to include an S/PDIF interface. Th ...

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TV Volume Loudness Guard using Arduino

UPDATES Mar 05, 2013 Featured on WonderHowTo Feb 14, 2013 Featured on LifeHacker Feb 13, 2013  I have updated the Arduino program in step 4 to support additional remote controls. Feb 13, 2013 Featured on Dangerous Prototypes Feb 12, 2013 Featured on Semageek Feb 12, 2013 Featured on Embedds Feb 12, 2013 Fea ...

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Arduino MIDI Volume Pedal

I’m playing keyboards this fall in another rock concert to benefit the high school robotics team, and for some of the tunes I need to be able to fade an organ in and out over a period of a measure or two. My keyboards are velocity-sensitive, so if you hit the keys harder they play louder (like a piano); and they have aftertouch, so if you press down extra-hard on the keys you can get special effects. But th ...

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True Analog Audio Volume Control using Arduino

ow my Arduino can precisely measure audio input (VU meter),   and obviously, next thing that comes to mind right after measurements, is regulation or control. There are many different ways how to electronically adjust audio volume or level of AC signal.  I’ll name a few: Specifically design IC, Digital potentiometers. Mechanical potentiometers, driven by servo / motors. Vacuum tubes amplifiers in “variable- ...

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Use Arduino for Projects is Stephen Fry proof thanks to caching by WP Super Cache

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