Wearable sensor measures UV index

The latest addition to STMicroelectronics’ portfolio of environmental sensors, the UVIS25 provides a direct digital output of UVI (ultraviolet index)—the international measurement of the strength of ultraviolet radiation, primarily from the sun, at a given place and time. Aimed at wearable devices, smart-phone, and tablet applications, the UVIS25 is sensitive to UV waves in the 200-nm to 400-nm range. This range covers the UV-A (315-nm to 400-nm) and UV-B (280-nm to 315-nm) wavelengths, which are of greatest concern to human health.

Wearable sensor measures UV index

The device furnishes more than just sensing, calculating the UVI internally and eliminating the need for external processing algorithms or calibration on the customer’s manufacturing line. Key specifications include a UVI output range of 0 to 15 with a resolution of just 1/16, SPI and I2C interfaces, a supply voltage range of 1.7 V to 3.6 V, and the ability to provide updated UVI values as often as every second.

Supplied in a 2.5×.2.5×0.76-mm LGA-10L transparent molded package, the UVIS25 costs $1.70 in lots of 1000 units. Samples are available now, with volume production scheduled for the second quarter of 2015.

UVIS25 product page

STMicroelectronics, www.st.com

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