Water Resistant Pressure Sensor LPS33HW now available from Adafruit

Adafruit has announced the availability of the LPS33HW Water Resistant Pressure Sensor offering 24bit pressure data and 16 bit temperature data, allowing it to provide users with pressure readings with +/- 0.1% hPa accuracy. The small sensor can measure from 260 to 1260 hPa and is able to withstand pressure up to 20 times its measurement range.

Sometimes you need to sense pressure in a damp or caustic environment. And sometimes you need to know the relative changes in pressure as well as the absolute pressure. For the times you need to do both (or either), the LPS33HW is the pressure sensor for you. Combining protection from water intrusion with support for high precision relative and absolute measurements, this sensor will do what you need. With drivers for CircuitPython, Arduino, and Raspberry Pi, and support for I2C or SPI (Arduino only SPI support, for now) you’ll be measuring pressure in any situation in no time.

According to ST, the LPS33HW is designed for and proven to protect electronic components from long-term exposure to harsh environments such as water mixed with chlorine, bromine, commercial washing detergent and fuels, solvents and chemicals. The sensing element is nestled safely in a ceramic package and is encased in a waterproof gel that prevents water that gets into the sensor from interfering with readings.”

The Water Resistant Pressure Sensor is now available to purchase directly from the Adafruit online store priced at $12.50. Specifications include :

– Pressure sensor with water resistant coating
– 260 to 1260 hPa absolute pressure range
– 24-bit pressure data output
– 16-bit temperature data output
– ODR from 1 Hz to 75 Hz
– SPI and I²C interfaces

Source: Water Resistant Pressure Sensor LPS33HW now available from Adafruit

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