View Your PCB File in 3D


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Every makers need a software to design PCB board for their prototype. So, we use many design software like Eagle cad, Fritzing, ABC PCB,PCB123, etc… In most of them we can jut design PCB and print and make PCB. So that we can’t get any idea about How is the PCB. therefor I’m saying about a easy way to find our Eagle PCB Board 3D view. This tutorial only for Eagle Cad .

View Your PCB File in 3D

Eagle cad:

Easily Applicable Graphical Layout Editor by Cad Soft Computer is a flexible, expandable and scriptable EDA application with schematic capture editor, PCB layout editor, auto-router and CAM and BOM tools developed by CadSoft Computer GmbH, Germany, READ MORE

Step 1: 3D VIEWER :

Here we are using a online tool to get 3D image that is 3D board viewer to go that webpage.

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Some details about 3D board viewer: some details taken from 3D viewer website.



3D BRD Viewer is a free tool to visualize CadSoft EAGLE PCB Designs in 3D. You can drag your .brd file anywhere on this page and have a full 360 degree view of how your board will appear after assembly.



The tool currently has close to two hundred 3D models of different components. We’ve tried to include the most used packages, but we can’t account for every device out there, and probably your board won’t render completely the first time you load it. “Not found” models are red-ish colored (right hand side list), once you select an element click “Manage Model” and try to find your element model in the list of available models. If you can’t there are two other options:
1. Define a box – find the datasheet for your device and get the dimensions from there.
2. Upload a file – stp and dae formats are currently supported. Most connector manufacturers provide a step file for their products.
After you click “Place” the tool will add that model to the scene for all elements with the same package. Then if there are alignment issues you can move each element individually from it’s dropdown menu. The changes you make are saved in your browser local storage based on the filename of the board, so that next time you load it it will have the same translations/offsets/models/boxes.

for more detail: View Your PCB File in 3D


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