Top Tips for Online or Remote Study

As the world adapts to working from home, lots of educational institutions are offering distance or remote learning courses. It’s great news if you’ve signed up already, or are considering signing up to undertake a remote learning course, but it can be quite a tricky task to master. In this article, we’ll give our top three tips for making the most out of remote study.

Top Tips for Online or Remote Study

Create The Right Workspace

When working at home, or outside of a classroom environment, its easy to find yourself falling into bad habits when it comes to your studies, such as working from the sofa or sleeping in late. One of the best ways to combat this is to create a great remote study workspace, with the best equipment to succeed at remote learning. Where possible, try to keep your work area separate from where you sleep or relax – not only will this help keep your mind in work-mode, it will make your wind-down time even more rewarding after a long day of study.

Another addition you can make to your workspace is the right equipment – ensuring you have a high-performing, reliable laptop is the number one necessity when completing a remote learning or distance course, as without it you might find yourself missing deadlines or falling behind on your work. Fortunately, Lenovo offer some fantastic student laptops that place performance and reliability at the forefront of their range. Boasting powerful processors and great quality graphics cards, with these laptops you can’t go wrong!

Work to Adjust to Online Learning

Online learning is very different to a traditional in-classroom environment, so it can take some adjusting to. While most online courses will set you up with a dedicator tutor, it’s important to utilise this, as well as other support offered by your institution. Make sure to reach out to your tutors and let them know if you’re struggling with assignments or falling behind on your work for any reason. You should also take advantage of any careers departments or advisors to keep an eye open for any development or further learning opportunities that come your way.

Practice Self-Care

Finally, the importance of practicing regular self-care is a must when navigating an online or distance learning course. Taking care of your mental and physical health is crucial to staying in a productive and successful routine. Self-care looks different for everyone, so it’s worth taking some time to decide what it looks like for you, whether it’s a nighttime skincare routine or a creating a healthy weekly meal plan that helps you to stay happy and motivated. By taking small steps daily towards your self-care, you’ll find it easier to prioritise working when you need to and make your distance learning coursework a breeze!

Once you’ve gotten settled into your distance learning course, you’ll find that keeping up with your daily routine is easy if you put the right things into place to prepare yourself in the first instance, like focussing on the initial adjustment to working online and creating the perfect set up to work from home. Ultimately, following these top three tips will allow you to produce your best work, every time.

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