Telegram Bot Library

Host a Telegram Bot on your Arduino and chat with your brand new IoT device!

Things used in this project

Hardware components

Arduino MKR1000
Arduino MKR1000
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Software apps and online services

Arduino Web Editor
Arduino Web Editor


Step 2 (ArduinoJson & WiFi101 Library)

Install ArduinoJson & WiFi101 Library from Library Manager.

Getting started

Step 1 (Create a new TelegramBot )

Be sure you have installed Telegram on your phone or your laptop, then, in the search bar, look for @botfather.

Talk to him and use the /newbot command to create a new bot. The BotFather will ask you for a name and username, then generate an authorization token for your new bot.

The Name of your bot will be displayed in contact details and elsewhere.

The Username is a short name, to be used in mentions and links. Your bot’s username must end in ‘bot’, e.g. ‘tetris_bot’ or ‘TetrisBot’.

Hello World

Now that we have our new bot we can set it to do what we want.

In this example we will make it turn on and off a LED by texting him a simple ‘On or Off’ message.

#include <WiFi101.h> 
#include <SPI.h>  
#include <TelegramBot.h>  
// Initialize Wifi connection to the router  
char ssid[] = "xxxx";             // your network SSID (name)  
char pass[] = "yyyy";            // your network key 
// Initialize Telegram BOT  
const char* BotToken = "xxxx";    // your Bot Teken  
WiFiSSLClient client;  
TelegramBot bot(BotToken,client);  
const int ledPin = 6;  // the number of the LED pin  
void setup() 
 while (!Serial) {}  //Start running when the serial is open 
 // attempt to connect to Wifi network:  
 Serial.print("Connecting Wifi: ");  
 while (WiFi.begin(ssid, pass) != WL_CONNECTED) 
 Serial.println("WiFi connected");  
 pinMode(ledPin, OUTPUT);  
void loop() 
 message m = bot.getUpdates(); // Read new messages  
 if (m.text.equals("On")) 
   digitalWrite(ledPin, HIGH);  
   Serial.println("message received");  
   bot.sendMessage(m.chat_id, "The Led is now ON");  
 else if (m.text.equals("Off")) 
   digitalWrite(ledPin, LOW);  
   Serial.println("message received");  
   bot.sendMessage(m.chat_id, "The Led is now OFF");  

Let’s see in action



Source : Telegram Bot Library

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