Arduino Uno Xylophone

This xylophone uses the Arduino Uno and a multiplexer to identify when one of eight keys are struck, and play that sound via midi sound on a computer. An optional part of the instructions also allows each key to light up with two LED lights at the same time the xylophone is struck. These steps outline what I have done. Step 1: Necessary Parts Arduino Uno9 V battery with Arduino adaptorArduino to USB connect ...

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Arduino Xylophone

I made a xylophone that uses an Arduino Mega to detect when a note is struck, and generate MIDI output. This project is wondeful because I essentially made a xylophone, a drumkit, and any other MIDI controlled sound instrument, with one tool. The following steps  will outline what I used to make this xylophone. Step 1: You Will Need... To construct the xylophone I used the ...

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