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Arduino MKR1000 Weather Station

Weather station monitors temperature, pressure, light, dust, soil moisture values and displays on the OLED screen and Cayenne dashboard. Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 Adafruit TSL2561 Luminosity Sensor × 1 Adafruit BMP180 Barometric Pressure/Temperature × 1 OLED display I2C × 1 SparkFun Level Shifter Board × 1 Sharp GP2Y1010AU0F …

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Developing your own Flowcode 7 controlled weather station

This project details a Flowcode and E-blocks based weather station capable of reading local temperature and humidity with 2 remote thermo-hygrometer sensors. The local board also incorporates a real time clock. This article has been contributed by Flowcode user John Crow. Flowcode can be downloaded and trialled for free at the Matrix Technology Solutions website. …

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Arduino weather station part 2 using arduino

Sometimes I just do not have time to connect to the internet and check current weather conditions. This is the reason why I made this indoor LCD weather display based on Atmega328 Arduino MCU. The circuit board consists of two LP2950 voltage regulators, MCU, four buttons, ENC28J60 Ethernet module and LCD12864 graphic display module. The …

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Weather Station Receiver using Arduino

The incredible popularity of home weather stations shows that it’s not just farmers who are interested in the weather. Many people want to be able to track and record weather events within their local environment rather than relying on a state or national weather service that may not have adequate local details. Home weather stations …

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The Arduino Weather Station

I’ve always been interested in monitoring my local weather, and noticed the difference between what and think my local weather is, and what I see out the window. I also wanted better control over my heating and A/C system. As a computer and electronics nut, I’ve been playing with the Arduino Microcontroller, and …

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