Tears of Rainbow using an Arduino

It’s time to release new updates for my first (ever) project with Arduino, “Color Light Music”.  From artistic perspective, VU BarGraph style (IMHO) is the best one for spectral dynamic representation, and not much could be improved on this side. But this time, it cross my mind an another idea “Tears of Rainbow”. This blog about how successively (or awfully) the idea was brought to life. And of course, VU v ...

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RGB LED Rainbow Fader using an Arduino

Introducing the RainBoard: A simple RGB LED Rainbow fader using an Arduino Uno and a few simple components. Believe it or not, we will control 45-channels of RGB LEDs at 32 brightness levels using only 3 digital pins from the Arduino! How is this possible you ask? By using two magic concepts: Shift Registers, and Pulse-Width Modulation.  Some of the schematics/images may seem daunting, but if all instructio ...

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