Solar Panel Battery Charge Controller Using Arduino

This is an updated version of Solar Panel Charge Controller Using Arduino. Solar Panel Battery Charge Controller Using Arduino Pictures of Power box and Arduino solar charge regulator: Charge Regulator with Power Box Connections to Regulator Inside the Box The output voltage of the ACS712 is 2.5V with no input while the spec sheet specifies 66 to 185 mV/A output sensitivity. That's a broad range and given t ...

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Analog audio panel for PC using Arduino

Have you ever struggled with audio settings in control panel in middle of a VoIP call? Or, wondered if the other guy can hear you properly? I have. My work requires great deal of remote conference calls using PC. The first thing I wonder always when starting is if my audio settings -- mic volume, input selection, mute/unmute, speaker volume -- are in order. Typically, they are not and it takes a while to fi ...

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