Inverter crystal oscillator

In numerous RF synthesizer chips lies an inverter with input and output pins for making a reference crystal oscillator clock. I built some discrete chip inverter xtal oscillators with 74HC series logic gates to better examine them. You'll quickly recognize the oft-used Pierce oscillator topology with 1 trimmer capacitor to tweak the fundamental frequency which might vary from factors like crystal aging and ...

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VXO – based PLL frequency synthesizer for 7 MHz

Greetings! In EMRFD, 4.10, Wes provides the schema for a versatile VXO - extending frequency synthesizer. Although, I referred him to Wes for help, a reader asked me some questions and I ended up designing some pieces for him. In order to test some of my ideas, I made a VXO - based synthesizer that tuned from 6.99 to 7.103 MHz using only parts I had in stock. For those interested, here's some project schema ...

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Sinewave Inverter Circuit Using Arduino

The post explains how to build a simple sinewave inverter circuit using PWM feed from an Arduino Uno board, the article also discusses a sinewave 3 phase inverter using the same input from an Arduino. The idea was requested by Mr. Raju Visshwanath Technical Specifications  UPDATE: Please also refer to this article which explains how to build a simple pure sine wave inverter circuit using Arduino using SPWM. ...

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