Keep your secret safe with the ATECC608 crypto-authentication chip

Adafruit has this week announced the availability of the ATECC608 breakout board, featuring the latest crypto-auth chip from Microchip. The chip uses I2C to send and receive commands and once you ‘lock’ the chip with your details, you can use it for ECDH and AES-128 encrypt,decrypt and signing. The breakout board also provides hardware support for random number generation, and SHA-256/HMAC hash functions to ...

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Huge List of tutorials & Components based resources & info

 glossary A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z A ACCELEROMETER: tutorial on using the Memsic 2125 accelerometer with Arduino/Freeduino ACCELEROMETER: another post on using the Memsic 2125 Rad*o Sha*k variant accelerometer with Arduino/Freeduino ACCELEROMETER: article on using the LIS3LV02DQ 3-axis accelerometer with Arduino/Freeduino ACCELEROMETER: an excellent article on using the ADXL330 wi ...

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Drive by wire go kart using Arduino

I just got a new go kart engine, i went from 6hp to 10hp. This new kohler engine I got I think was not built to put on a go kart, so I had some trouble finding a way to attach the gas petal. Well after a few days of not really figuring anything out, I remembered that I had gotten an arduino about a week ago, and maybe I could use this to help me out. Step 1: Power and safety circuit below is a diagram of ho ...

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