Arduino Drawbot

In some of my previous Arduino instructurables I have show to the Arduino beginers on how to control servos in different ways. And in my last instructurable I have show the modification of a Parallax servo for a 360º rotation. So in this one I will show Arduino beginers the use of those 360º rotation servos. With that in mind we will make our first ROBOT. It will be a simple bot called The Dr ...

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Make an Arduino-Controlled Drawbot by Shawn Wallace E-Book

This book describes how to build and program an Arduino-controlled machine for drawing algorithmic compositions on walls with a marker. The mechanism consists of two stepper motors with spools attached; the motors are attached to either side of the drawing area and a marker is suspended between them attached to fishing line. The motors pull the marker along the wall; with a little trigonometry you can draw ...

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Floppy drawbot

Stuart and I wanted to design a project that would be a good introduction to upcycling electronics, robotics, arduino, art with maths/code. We came up with a drawing robot based on an old floppy drive. Bigups! jam jar collective  full circle arts Ashish Derhgawen for this article More floppy drive info: http://www.interfacebus. ...

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