Door-Ajar Alert with Countdown Timer

Ever accidentally left your room door ajar for a long period of time and found your valuables missing? Here is an intelligent solution for you. The idea is fairly simple as it mainly requires a TM1637 4-digit display and a Digispark USB development board. Digispark board TM1637 is a popular clock display module with a TM1637 driver chip from Titan Micro Electronics. This 4-digit, 7-segment LED display modul ...

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Colorful Countdown Clock for tight timeline management using Arduino

This is a funny looking clock that has that displays time on relatively large 32x16 Bi-Color LED Matrix. It includes also a countdown counter that I find very useful in many situations. Features: Date And time display Temperature display Countdown timer Buzzer notification Randomly changing colors of display Display intensity control (brightness) Aside the fact it is fun to build, you might ask why do that? ...

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