Raft Bird Repeller

In this project I will show you how to build a solar-powered Raft Bird Repeller that will get rid of those pesky birds that poop on your raft. Step 1: Intro https://youtu.be/Z9JdDufT_Ss If you have ever been on a raft, you know just how relaxing and fun they can be to hang out on. One thing that is definitely not relaxing or fun is cleaning up the bird poop on them. This has been a problem as long as I can ...

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Arduino based Bi-color LED Matrix Flappy Bird Game

We have built quite a few projects using the Bi-color (Red and Green) LED Matrix Driver Module kits from jolliFactory and have published them as instructables here. Each of these modules uses two MAX7219 Display Driver ICs to drive a Bi-color LED Matrix. These ICs are excellent because they take a lot of work off the micro-controller and simplify the wiring and logic design. These modules are designed to be ...

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