Pimp Your Chocolates with Arduino IDE and ATtiny13

The idea for this project came to me on the way to the trash. I was tasked with throwing away a box that has just been emptied of its original Ferrero Rocher sweetness content by my dear wife. This was shortly after the Valentine's Day. So, I got to spend 10 seconds alone with this box and realized that it holds some promise, so it ended up on my workbench instead of the trash. Despite its festive thematic ...

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Make an Attiny13 based IR proximity sensor

This is an extremely cheap IR proximity sensor you can make with a few cheap parts and an AVR programmer. I use an Arduino as my programmer in this Instructable. This sensor only has a range of about 3 inches. You can easily add more LEDs or brighter ones to extend the range. You can also easily re-arrange the LEDS to detect when a beam is broken as well. The design takes advantage of a cheap AVR (computer ...

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