The Pendulum Clock

If you've ever rode the Link Light Rail in Seattle to the airport, you may have glanced out of the window while traveling through a tunnel and seen playing cards illuminated on the walls. These images are not made from two dimensional screens. Each display is just a row of lights that changes rapidly as the train drives by, giving the illusion of a two-dimensional picture. The University Street station also ...

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Make a digital “meow” from analog clock using arduino

Is your analog clock just not doing enough stuff? Want to do digital things with an analog clock? This tutorial will show you how to make a Kit Cat Clock play a “meow” sound clip, at precise time intervals, using the Atmega 328P-PU via the Arduino Uno development board. In my example, the meow will occur hourly. This doesn't have to be a Kit-Cat clock either, this idea may work with other clocks that use a ...

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Binary/ Analog Clock

I was inspired by the digital/ analog clock to make my own special clock as my second instructable. I browsed the internet and found that servo clocks are rare and binary are common. So i decided to combine the two and this is what I made. I know it looks crappy but I'm an amateur and its decently accurate the worst I've seen it is a minute forward or behind. It even tells if its am or pm. I hope you all en ...

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