Surfin’ Bird (Arduino Style) using arduino

I just hope every body’s heard. The Bird is the Word! This is a simple device to play Surfin Bird really loudly when someone trips off the motion sensor. If you don’t already own an Adafruit Wave Shield, I’d highly suggest purchasing one. It’s become my favorite shield by far. I love the idea of a dead quiet space with no obvious electrical devices and then “Bamm, right in the kisser” with some annoying music. This can be placed anywhere, but my preferred location is the bathroom. It’s echos real loud and there’s nothing more annoying than letting everyone know that you’ve just entered the bathroom. Try pooping to surfin bird, I dare ya!

Surfin' Bird

Step 1: Parts

Parts list:Arduino Uno
Adafruit Wave Shield
PIR(motion sensor)
Battery pack
Rubber Ducky(optional)
Breakaway female Header(Optional)


Solder iron
Arduino IDE21(yeah I use an older one) Newer version would prolly work too
Wave shield library
X-acto knife

Step 2: The Code

* //making sense of the Parallax PIR sensor’s output

* Switches a LED according to the state of the sensors output pin.
* Determines the beginning and end of continuous motion sequences.
* @author: Kristian Gohlke / krigo(_) /
* @date: 3. September 2006
* kr1 (cleft) 2006
* released under a creative commons “Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0” license
* The Parallax PIR Sensor is an easy to use digital infrared motion sensor module.
* (' Bird

* The sensor´s output pin goes to HIGH if motion is present.
* However, even if motion is present it goes to LOW from time to time,
* which might give the impression no motion is present.
* This program deals with this issue by ignoring LOW-phases shorter than a given time,
* assuming continuous motion is present during these phases.


For more detail: Surfin’ Bird (Arduino Style)

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