Affordable Opensource Arduino Laser Engraver for Everbody

What are the characteristics of the ZelosLaser Engraver?

  • Work area *Normal* 300mm x 200mm
  • Housing dimensions Normal 440mm x 350mm x 220mm
  • Work area *BIG MAMA* 660mm x 650mm
  • Housing dimensions *BIG MAMA* 800mm x 800mm x 220mm
  • Uses Arduino UNO Clone and a GRBL Shield
  • 300mw 405nm Laser Diode
  • There are 55x 3D-Printed parts in the kit
  • All the software and Hardware used by the ZelosLaser is Open Source and free for personal use.

Affordable Opensource Arduino Laser Engraver for Everbody

We use only very high quality

All bolts, nuts and washers are made of galvanized steel. The 20×20 aluminum profiles comes from a German high precision manufacturer.

Mechanical Components

  • Screws,nuts, washers
  • aluminum profiles
  • Steel Rod 8mm
  • LM8UU linear bearings
  • GT2 Timing belt, GT2 Pulleys
  • Baseplate

Electronic Components

  • Arduino UNO clone
  • USB Cable
  • GRBL Shield
  • Mech. Endstops
  • Nema 17 stepper motor
  • 5V dual Relay
  • 300mw laser
  • stepper driver pololu A4988
  • 110-240V AC Mains / 12V 3A DC Power Adaptor
  • Laser safety goggles


  • Firmware for the Arduino UNO Clone: Grbl 0.9
  • drawing software: Inkscape 0.91/combined with a laser engraver plug-in.
  • G-Code Sernder: Grbl Controller 3.0


For more detail: Affordable Opensource Arduino Laser Engraver for Everbody

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